Accommodation Rules

SENETUS, s.r.o. (Ltd), *****Boutique Hotel Marrol´s, Tobrucká street 4, 811 02 Bratislava

1. Only guests that are registered to stay in the hotel may be accommodated in the hotel. Registration to stay in the hotel means that when a guest arrives in the hotel, he or she must submit an identification card, valid passport or any other valid identification document to the employee at reception.

2. The hotel is obliged to provide accommodation to guests after 3:00 PM on the basis of ordered and therefore guaranteed accommodation unless otherwise agreed.

3. The hotel provides its guests with services in a scope and quality corresponding to the specific definition in the Accommodation and Food Service Categorisation and Classification Announcement; this hotel is classified in the category of a ***** (5-star) boutique hotel.

4. Hotel reception is open continuously.

5. During Accommodation check-in, the employee at reception will provide guests with an explanation of all the terms and conditions connected to providing accommodation and services, the accessories provided in each hotel room and the method of using the elevator; in addition the employee will provide basic orientation and security information about the hotel as well as the terms and conditions for parking in front of the hotel and in the Hotel's underground garage.

6. Each guest must end his or her stay at the latest by 11:00 am on the agreed departure date. The room must be left by this time, unless otherwise agreed. The hotel can require payment from the guest if the guest does not leave the room by this time. Payment for leaving a room by 6:00 PM is 50% of the price for the room; the hotel can require 100% of the room price as payment if a guest leaves a room after 6:00 PM.

7. Specific area is reserved for smokers. Common areas of the hotel, hotel rooms, restaurant, Congress Hall and the Green Salon, the fitness centre as well as the Jasmine SPA relaxation centre are all non-smoking areas. The area in front of the hotel with an ash tray stand, the hotel terrace, when seasonally open, and the terrace of the Jasmine SPA relaxation centre are all reserved for smokers.

In case a guest brakes the ban on smoking in his/her room, the hotel has the right to raise the agreed price of accommodation by the sum of 100€ for the day on which the guest broke the ban. The hotel must inform the guest about this price increase at the latest at checking out.

8. No changes to hotel equipment or interference into electrical or other installations are permitted in the rooms, the Congress Hall, the Green Salon, the SPA, the fitness centre or in the common areas without the consent of the hotel's management.

9. For safety reasons, children under the age of ten cannot be left without adult supervision in rooms or in any other hotel premises.

10. Quiet hours in the hotel are from 10:00 PM until 6:00 AM. The behaviour and actions of guests in the hotel during quiet hours cannot disturb any other hotel guests. Loud televisions or speaking, singing, loud conversations in hotel hallways or on hotel terraces as well as other similar actions are unacceptable. Group activities can only take place in the hotel after 10:00 PM with the consent of the hotel's management.

11. The guest will pay the bill for Accommodation and services provided by the hotel following a confirmed order. If an order is not confirmed, the hotel will make a bill following the valid price list that is located at reception.
Prices may change if a guest requests another category room or services other than those confirmed in the order. In this case, prices on the hotel’s valid price list will be used.
The payment term for Accommodation and services provided by the hotel is at the latest on the agreed last day that accommodation services are provided.

12. Messages and postal items for guests of the hotel will be carefully handled and delivered by the hotel to guests.

13. The hotel hall near reception is specifically designated for welcoming guests who will be staying in the hotel.

14. The hotel does not allow pets or animals to enter or stay in the hotel.

15. Items forgotten by guests in the hotel will be recorded and stored for a period of 6 months. After this period ends, the hotel will provide these forgotten items to the local lost and found department. The hotel will only send forgotten items to guests if requested.

16. Hotel employees may enter a guest's hotel room in the event that it becomes necessary in order to eliminate an outage, to secure cleaning services, to restock room furnishings or to provided emergency medical care.

17. The hotel accepts liability for items stolen from hotel guests in the scope and under the terms and conditions established by appropriate legal regulations.

18. These Hotel Accommodation Rules and Regulations and the legal relationships established on their basis are managed by the legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. The other rights and obligations of both the hotel and the hotel guests not contained within the Hotel Accommodation Rules and Regulations or the General Business Terms and Conditions for Providing Accommodation Services at Hotel Marrol's are managed by the appropriate provisions of the Civil Code.

JUDr. Nina Masárová
General Manager
Bratislava, Dated: 31 March 2015