Julia Zelena


Since its founding, the Marrol´s hotel places great emphasis on originality in every way.  The first artistic manuscripts in the hotel came from the studio of the architect Zuzana Cambelová and the sculptor Ján Ťapák. 

The charm of the interior’s colonial style of the 1920s and 1930s and attention to detail are the hallmark of work by architect Zuzana Cambelová: in 2003 she was nominated to receive the Dušan Jurkovič Award for her work in the Marrol´s hotel.

Cambelová’s signature style can be found in Bratislava also in the Tulip, Apolo, Crown Plaza and Kempinski River Park hotels, as well as in the Kempinski Štrbské Pleso in the High Tatras.  Her sense of elegance and tradition is to bee seen beyond the borders of Slovakia: in the Balcug-Kempinski in Moscow.

The mark of Ján Ťapák’s artistic approach is quite visible even before entering the hotel building. Wall reliefs, the symbolic Head of Lady Marrol, the logo of the hotel and the restaurant, they all originated in the studio of this important representative of Slovak art in the area of painting, graphics and sculpture. Trilogy of oils named Boys in Blue, Girl with a Circle and  The Last Pose before Performance or Swan Lake are part of the permanent exhibit in the Marrol’s entrance lobby, and they are often captured in photographs by guests as part of their unique travel experience.

In March 2010 the hotel management presented on the premises of the hotel the first exhibition from the cycle “Color Amenities“.  Our guests found some of the pictures so enchanting that they decided to purchase them and take them to their homes.

Imagine our lovely surprise when one of our guests upon returning home to Norway, decided that one particular picture from our last exhibition of paintings by the husband and wife team of painters Galko would fit into the interior design of his home and requested it to be sent to Norway.  And that was not the end of the story of this picture.  Once the picture was successfully received, our guest emailed a photograph of the picture placed in his home.

It is a great honor for us to present on the occasion of the 10th anniversary a new exhibition from the series “Color Amenities“ - art works by Júlia Zelená.

Júlia Zelená is a graduate of the Slovak University of Technology, who has worked the field of garment and textile design since 1993.  Her work is characterized by two main streams – clothes and interior design, and painting on silk and acrylic.

What can we expect at the exhibition of pictures by Júlia Zelená? Original artistic style, building of visual areas, finely developed feeling for decorative shapes and colour and bright but delicate harmony of colours.

Júlia’s paintings represent an almost fairy-tale and colourful world full of plants, trees, animals and people: world that we could hardly find in the reality of every- day life.  Let us together live this dream and be carried away by the harmony of colours that we, together with the author named “Colour Amenities – Scenery“.

The pictures at the exhibition are available for sale.  The exhibition will be open through the end of August 2013 in the hotel lobby and in the Messina restaurant in the Marrol´s hotel in Bratislava.