Iveta Ledererova


The art exhibition series entitled Colorful Pieces of Happiness continues at Hotel Marrol´s in 2012. Academic Painter, Veronika Lučeničová – Gabčová, kicked things off in May of last year.

Her work brought optimistic tones and a human charge to the hotel’s interior; she is also responsible for bringing the art of Academic Painter, Iveta Ledererová, an important representative of contemporary modern Slovak art, to our premises.

Iveta Ledererová lives and works in Bratislava. Her name is connected not only with fashion and textile design and pedagogical activities, but with extraordinary awards from world exhibitions for her bobbin lace in combination with glass and for her tapestries made of velvet ribbons. She created her works, including those on display here, through the use of a special combined technique. The specific range of colors and attention to detail are key features of her work.

Individual paintings from the Colorful Pieces of Happiness series  were included in the collection of paintings exhibited in the 20th Century Gallery in Basel, Switzerland in 2010. Iveta Ledererová’s works of art are also found in the collections of the Slovak National Gallery and in private collections all over the world

***** Hotel Marrol´s management