Zuzana Malenkova


It is no accident that Zuzana Malenkova, the young artist and graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava with a specialization in graphic art, is exhibiting some of her work on the premises of Hotel Marrol's these days.

A sunny summer awaits and Zuzana’s paintings bring to the interior of the hotel a scent of gardens, of flowers in bloom and past bloom, a scent of this beautiful season of the year.

The past, present and future exhibitions at the hotel have a common name: Colorful Pieces of Happiness. This exhibition symbolizes something more. It urges us to contemplate the colorful pieces of happiness, their power of the moment, and the fact that the beauty of happiness is as ephemeral as the transient fragrance of flowers. The sub-title of this exhibition is The Scent of Disappearing.

The paintings are meant as recordings. Recordings of late spring or summer or fall, ablaze in colors. As Zuzana says, all of the works were created from feelings of joy. And now when looking at her paintings with the distance of time, she feels the joy that inspired them. The works are all new and have never before been exhibited.They were painted through the use of the technique called “á la prima”, i.e., at once. Such paintings are created in a shorter period of time. They are considered to be the opposite of stain painting, which is a complex painting technique that entails the layering of transparent areas and thus requires thorough preparation and a clear concept.“A la prima” is the artist’s favorite technique; it allows her to transfer her strong emotional and visual experiences from this world to the canvas or paper. She works in a series and sometimes even erases the recording. She paints over the canvas and a different recording of another stronger experience appears.

She also paints when she is filled with sorrow, because painting is her most sincere and simplest form of self-expression. She considers painting as a “life need.” The majority of her works arise from the deep internal need for the process of painting or drawing itself.

The sense of Zuzana’s paintings is not to express clearly formulated thought; she can do that in words and writing. Her paintings are the artistic medium through which she expresses her feelings and transfers them to the viewers - her form of communication with them.