Martin Vrabko

Qualified European Photographer

Dear Hotel Marrol´s guests, we are pleased to present another exhibition from the Colorful Pieces of Happiness series.

This time, an exhibition of paintings makes way for an exhibition of art photographs by Martin Vrabko, a Slovak photographer. Enter the Messina Restaurant and travel in time and place to Portugal, Canada, Norway, Spain and southwest England.

The impressiveness of the Golden Mountains in Canada, a Norwegian waterfall with a bridge and the Cabo Villano Lighthouse are particularly amplified by the feng shui philosophy. According to this Chinese energy theory, every item in the universe is created from a combination of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The photograph of the healthy Tree from Norway is a perfect example.

The Lindesnes Light House from the southernmost tip of Norway is the central motif of Martin Vrabko’s exhibition. A lighthouse with calm water in the background symbolizes a peaceful journey through life and the search for one’s place in this world. This photograph welcomes you upon your arrival to Hotel Marrol´s. The reception interior is further enhanced by photographs of Praja Amado Beach in Portugal and Circo Barrosa En Prima Vera, Bielsa, a mountain in Aragon, Spain.

The story of Martin Vrabko’s photographs continues in a special part of the exhibition, entitled Ordinary Life, located in the library. The black and white photographs that capture moments of everyday life in New York and Lyon will surely speak to you.

Dear guests, we wish you a pleasant stay and an enjoyable exhibition experience. The exhibition items may be purchased.

***** Hotel Marrol´s management