Veronika Lucenicova Gabcova


The artist of the paintings which will temporarily enhance the premises of the Marrol´s Hotel, the creator of the exhibition of paintings entitled Colorful Pieces of Happiness for the hotel guests, the artist whose works are charged with optimism, empathy and humanity.

 The artistic platform of academic artist, Veronika Lučeničová Gabčová is wide and varied. In addition to painting and sculpting, she professionally participates in the restoration of art historical monuments. She also achieves noteworthy results in the area of art design under the brand Vegaplus. She expertly transforms her visions into reality in a unique and interesting style.

Through art she also expands her activities in the area of voluntarism and help to those in need of assistance, such as assistance and support for victims of domestic violence and children with autism, all through the Linaje Foundation. On the occasion of the International Day of Voluntarism in December of last year, Veronika Lučeničová Gabčová won the Special Award for Voluntary Activities.

The works of Veronika Lučeničová Gabčová have been exhibited at many exhibitions at home and abroad. She lives and works in Bratislava. She and her husband, Peter Gabčo, RNDr., have three children – in her words, in “A kind of sandwich – girl-boy-girl.”

“My life is about art and real life, because that is art as well. In fact, it is about emotions and feelings, without which we would not be human – and I try to color them, paint them and materialize them as I know. I am happy that I have these gifts. I feel that art brings people closer, aids their communication and makes them more beautiful, wealthy, strong and happy.”

Veronika Lučeničová Gabčová, 2010