Anna Galkova, Anton Galko

Exhibition „Colorful Pieces of Happiness“

„Anna Galková and Anton Galko, the Painters, they met during their studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Bratislava ( 1949 – 1951 ) and at the Academy of Fine Art in Prague, where they trained with Prof. V. Sychra ( 1951-1954/1955).

Since they married in 1955, the have lived in Bratislava. Their livelong work focuses on small scale painting: portraits, figural compositions, landscapes and still lifes. 

At their younger age, there were also concerned with drawing, graphic design and monumental work.

The paintings by Anna Galková are dominated by the motive of a contemplating woman – a Muse, conveying the message of Symbolism and Art Nouveau. It is the subject of human individuality, loneliness and quiet pleasure, the theme of desires, memories and dreams ....

The paintings by Anton Galko have drawn on a wide range of inspirations: the earth, flora, the universe, transformations and mysterious events, suspense and passion. His painting displays the elements of Expressionism, Orphism, New figuration and Tachisme. The suggestive appeal of his pictures lies in a warm colour range, in the colours of lyrical, subtle tones and in the hues of erruptive force and vitality

( Summary from the new book : Anna Galková&Anton Galko, Fine Art Work 1953-2011. Author : PhDr. Bohumír Bachratý, CSc.. Published by FO ART, s.r.o.. Translation : Beata Havelská. )